£2150.00 per eye

To to be paid in Euro's
at the current French 
Euro exchange rate

SAVE UP TO £1000 per eye.

Tired of Waiting for the NHS for your Cataract

You can now speed up the process, and what's more it's now affordable for many more patients from England thanks to I-Care Medicare Services of France.

Gloucoma Surgery

£1595 per eye

To to be paid in Euro's
at the current French 
Euro exchange rate

Eye 2 Eye Opticians are Proud to be able to offer this referal service to our clients.

All operations are conducted in Calais France by a team of respected Ophthalmic Surgeons who already have a growing list of Private Patients from England.

All prices include consultation fee with the Eye Surgeons.

One of our Satisfied Patients, Mr.Edward Marshall of Dimchurch Kent leaving the clinic in Calais France following his Operation for the surgical removal of a cataract. Mr. Marshall says “Thanks to everyone at I-Care in Calais, the surgeons, the clinical staff, and Eye 2 Eye Opticians for a speedy and successful service. From initial contact to completion in less than 2 weeks....Why wait when the service is available at a reasonable cost

For more information on this special service call our special hotline on 0161-655 3105

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