Eye 2 Eye Lens Price List

Private Sight Test
NHS Sight Test
(Children/Over 60/Certain Benefit claimants)
Visual field Test
Gloucoma Check (NCT Tonometry Test)
Colour Test
Contact Lens Check
Bi-Focal (D 28 std)
Progressive Lenses (Varifocals)
Transitions Lenses (Plastic reactolite)
Aspheric Thinner Flatter Lenses
High Index Thinner Lenses
Trivex Lenses (for Rimless single vision)
Trivex Lenses (for Rimless Progressive)

Are the Prices For The services We Provide at eye 2 eye.
At Eye 2 Eye We believe that each element of the services which we provide should be Quoted separatly. This ensures that you know exactly how much you have paid for your Sight Test, your Lenses, Your Frame and any extras which you may choose. This way you can evaluate and decide if you want to spend more on the lenses or more on the Frame, the choice is yours !!!

Because every individual has unique requirements especially in relation to Lens Prices. Our policy makes it very clear axactly what you are paying for. For example a standard pair of single vision lenses are priced at 48.95, the frames you wish to purchase may be from our Free selection, which means you will only pay 48.95. If you wanted to buy a higher Quality frame then you may select one at say 29.95, so just add 48.95 to 29.95 and the price you pay will be 79.90.
If you need bifocals then the Lens price would be say 64.95 plus whatever you want to spend on the frames.

No gimmicks, just good traditional pricing that everyone understands, with our policy you will know what you are spending your money on. You will know how much your lenses cost and you will also know what the frame cost!!!

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