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Low Income

(Evidence of Eligibility)

This category include people who meet the following criteria:-

  • Contribution-Based Jobseekers allowance
  • People are on a low income
  • Students over the age of 19
  • Some people on Disability or sick pay

You can claim help towards the cost of spectacles if you or your family are single parents, disabled and claiming disability benefits, on low income, or unemployed. To claim these benefits you must submit your claim on a HC-1 form, which you can obtain at Post Offices, Opticians, Dental Practices and DHSS offices.

You can claim for help with the cost of NHS prescriptions, dental help, NHS wigs, Sight Tests and help towards the cost of spectacles, and also help with Travel to and from Hospitals. The Level of help you receive will depend on many factors, and the Benefits agency will advise you in writing about the benefits which apply to you and other members of your family.

Generally speaking you will not be entitled to help if you have £8000 value in property (this does not include the house where you live), savings, or other money. Nor will you receive help if you live in a residential care or nursing home or if you have £16,000 value in property, savings or other money.

If you submit a claim for help, and your claim is successful you will receive a letter from the Benefits Agency explaining your entitlement. Within the letter you will find a certificate, which you should take with you when you wish to claim help with any of the NHS services.

If you are entitled to FULL help your Certificate will tell you that whilst it is in force you will be entitled to FREE prescriptions, Free Dental Treatments, Free NHS wigs, Free Sight Tests, and the full value of an Optical Voucher Towards the Cost of Spectacles, and Refunds for travel to and from hospital, while having treatment.

If you are only entitled to Partial Help, you will receive a partial help certificate and the information given in the letter will tell you which members of your family can claim help and which benefits, if any you can claim towards.


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